VMware NSX

NSX delivers a completely new operational model for networking that breaks through current physical network barriers allowing data center operators to achieve better speed, economics, and choice. Just like server virtualization enables IT to treat physical hosts as a pool of compute capacity, the NSX approach allows IT to treat their physical network as a pool of transport capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on demand.



NSX reduces the time to provision multi-tier networking and security services from weeks to minutes

allowing these services to be in lockstep with server and storage provisioning to enable applications     to be deployed faster.


NSX reduces both OPEX and CAPEX. Automation eliminates manual configuration from the network        provisioning process and simplifies network hardware requirements.


NSX network virtualization platform

operates on any hypervisor or network

and integrates with any cloud

management platform.


NSX works with existing applications

and workloads, hypervisors, cloud

management platforms and physical

network hardware from any vendor.

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